FREE Stuff From Tito’s Vodka

*This is still available, be sure to make an account or update your account for a chance to get one of their Christmas gifts this year. To add your address to your account, sign up, and in their confirmation email there will be a “Manage your profile” Link at the bottom. Click that and update your address at that page.

To possibly get FREE Stuff From Tito’s Vodka you just need to sign up for the “Tito’s taster” and take the pledge. Throughout the year they will send you free stuff right to your doorstep. Gifts in the past have been sent out around Christmas time, but it may vary at any time. *Please note, you have to be 21+ to enter their website.

“While we’d love to send a taste of Tito’s right to your email inbox, for now we’ll have to settle for periodic emails full of tasty recipes and awesome events, and the occasional bit of Tito’s swag snail mailed right to your doorstep.”